Best Parks in Lahore

Best Parks in Lahore

Lahore is considered city of parks and gardens. There are many great parks in Lahore. Here we have compiled the list of some of the best and popular parks in Lahore.

The Shalimar Gardens: Built by the mughal emperor shah jahan, located near baghbanpura.

The Lawrence Gardens: A historical park, now known as bagh-e-jinnah, Contains a library, mosque and a botanical garden. Sports services are also available here, situated on the mall.

Hazuri Bagh: Built by maharaja ranjit Singh in 1813, bounded by Lahore fort, badhshhi mosque, the Samadhi of ranjit singh, roshin gate, in the center stands hazuri bagh baradari.

Iqbal Park (minto park): A large area of green land, it accommodate minar-e-Pakistan.

Mochi Bagh:  its Lahore’s famous political rally spot.

Gulshan Iqbal Park: IT’S situated in iqbal town. Name given to park referring to poet iqbal.

Model Town Park: one of the largest public park of Lahore.

Race Course Park: its stunning public garden. Famous for its floral exhibitions and artificial waterfall. Now its name is Jalini Park.

Nasir Bagh Lahore: A famous place for political and social gatherings, situated opposite to GC University.   

Jallo Park: A recreation and natural world Park.

Change Manga: A planted forest and a natural park in Lahore district.

Lahore Zoo: Established in 1872, largest park in south Asia

Safari Park: Wildlife attractions full of variety of animals.

Aviary: Also known as Woodland wildlife.

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