Mall Road in Lahore

Mall Road in Lahore

Mall road is one of the busiest places of Lahore. You can see every category of people here. This place is full of everything. It is commercial as well as residential area for most of the politicians and Mall holds significant historical and cultural value.

There are the huge banks and commercial buildings, shops of all shapes and sizes; tea stands everywhere because this place has something of everything.

Major attraction of Mall road is the Pearl continental hotel located there. It is one of the biggest hotels located in Lahore. Indeed an expensive hotel but an amazing one. It offers you quality food with absolutely fantastic dining.

Another hotel here is Avari and yet again a famous hotel for its fantastic services.  This hotel enjoys a peaceful and tranquil setting on the Mall Road right in the heart of the city. Newly renovated; lobby, Cinnamon Lounge, Kim's Restaurant and all-glass Grand Staircase.

Another exciting place to visit is Anarkali tomb which is located on the lower mall. The tomb is actually accessible to public. The tombs made up of white marble and look fabulous.

Fortress Stadium is located on the mall which is one of the shopping centers for Lahori people. It is also has a joy land which provides you with exciting and thrilling rides to enjoy. There is also Lahore Museum located there which has loads of material related to art and literature. The building is beautiful and spectacular. Lahore, Mall road is a place worth visiting.

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